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Puts things into perspective, eh?

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A few mad geniuses came together and realised a concept of filming videos involving actors sitting down and cold-reading facts about various social issues off of a teleprompter. The idea was to get the unfiltered reactions of unknown and ordinary people to some basic and uncomfortable facts of life.

Those reactions are certainly quite telling.

Take a look at what happens when the facts about illegal immigration are stated straight-up:

The shock and horror that several of those actors show when confronted with the true facts of illegal immigration is real. They have been ripped off and lied to all of their lives by a media establishment that has a vested interest in destroying everything that this country used to stand for.

The points raised by that last actor, the reasonably fit one with the brown hair (folded into a gel-met, natch), are especially worth considering.

As he notes, legal immigrants, who have obeyed the rules, come to this country properly, lived and worked here peacefully, and generally tried to stay the hell out of people’s way, are the ones who are treated most unfairly by illegal immigration.

We can argue all we like about the necessity or morality of legal immigration. I, personally, am of the view that legal immigration into the Western world in general, and the United States in particular, is no bad thing – provided that it is strictly limited to bringing in the very best and the brightest, that legal immigrants have absolutely no recourse to welfare until they become fully naturalised, and that even once they obtain citizenship after a long waiting period and have clearly demonstrated that they have earned that right, they cannot vote for a minimum of three generations. (Preferably five.)

I argue in favour of all of this, in spite of the fact that it hurts me personally by restricting my ability to live and work in the US. (I’m leaving anyway, in early June, and I don’t know yet when, or if, I’ll be back.) And that is because this is not a nation of immigrants. It is a nation of Americans.

One does not get Americans by simply inviting anyone and his cousin in through the front door. That is foolish and indeed outright suicidal. America and the West are not founded on “magic dirt”. Nations are not soil. Nations are people, and if the people are replaced wholesale by a completely different group who do not respect or care about the rights and responsibilities of the originals in the slightest, then the result will always and everywhere be civil war and terrible destruction.

It gets better. The same people put together a similar video concerning arguments raised by feminists about supposed “inequality” between men and women:

Once again, we see a pretty much identical result. The facts are absolutely devastating to the dogma of feminism.

That is because facts simply do not give a damn about your feelings. They are what they are, and not all of the ideology in the world can change the fact that men and women are different, with different values, drives, desires, aptitudes, and skills.

Men and women want different things out of life. Men are hard-wired to seek out and acquire resources. Women are hard-wired to expend resources. In a sensible world, men would be able to pursue the profoundly male act of building resources, and women would be able to pursue the profoundly female act of finding and settling down with the best men that they could attract.

The laws of such a world would not favour women over men in divorce courts. They would not pretend that the sacrifices that mothers have to make are greater or more worthwhile than the ones that fathers do. They would not attempt to make us believe that men are always monsters at fault for all of the evils of society while women are merely the innocent victims.

They would treat men and women as individuals, each responsible for his or her own actions.

That would be a world in which the polarities of men and women are fully expressed – to the greater happiness, security, fecundity, and moral stability of all involved.

But that is not the world we live in. It is one ruled instead by ideology, not facts. And it is only by bringing these uncomfortable, painful, but unavoidable facts to the attention of people blinded and muzzled by both the media and the law that we have any hope of demolishing the terrible nonsense of this ideology.

More than anything else, those videos make it clear exactly why the Alt-Right is inevitable.

Socialism always fails – by definition, because failure is a feature, not a bug. Feminism always fails – because it is built on top of socialism. Globalism always fails – because it ignores the basic facts of human nature.

Even conservatism, which did so much good to win the Cold War against the socialists, has failed. It has singularly failed to conserve one single damned thing in the last thirty years since the fall of the Evil Empire. American culture is becoming more tawdry, debased, and ugly by the day – and now the approved opposition among the conservative “elite” are promoting acceptance of the utter madness of “transgenderism”. They failed to defend against homosexuality, illegal immigration, gun control, and feminism, and are now going down to Noble Defeat yet again with respect to men who think they are “women”, and women who think they are “men”, and every form of lunacy in between.

One way or another, the facts will always make themselves felt – usually in horribly brutal and terrible fashion, and almost always only after a society reaches its breaking point.

When – not if – we get to that point, it will be far too late to save the West. All that can be done is to try to salvage what we can and rebuild from the ruins.

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