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Friday T&A: Artlessness Edition

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It’s a beautiful warm Friday evening here as we head into Memorial Day weekend, and that long weekend is off to an auspicious start already. I was walking along my usual route along the coastline near my home up to the Korean War memorial this morning, when I saw a group of veterans coming over to place a wreath in remembrance of their fallen comrades.

It is not right for a civilian to get in the way of such a ceremony, so I stayed out of the way and carried on walking so as not to disturb their gathering. But it is helpful to be reminded from time to time just how much others have sacrificed in the name of God, country, and family.

The Hudson County Korean War Memorial is simple, stark, and powerful. It has a beautiful poem inscribed on one of the panels, which I referenced in a previous Memorial Day post. Recent events have made it possible, for the first time in living memory, that a true end to the Korean War might one day actually happen. We shall see where things go from here, but it is my deep hope that the mighty works of the God-Emperor will one day ensure that thousands of American soldiers did not pay the ultimate price on foreign soil in vain.

In the meantime, though – it’s Friday night, and that means that everyone’s favourite series on this blog needs another installment. This week’s eye-candy comes via Albania, apparently, in the form of a pop singer named Bleona Qereti.

Yeah, I’ve never heard of her either.

But apparently she’s quite a hit over in the Slavic part of the world. And it is not exactly difficult to see why; if you take a look at her music videos, she is quite… energetic. Just don’t waste any brainpower listening to her lyrics, as they are evidently obsessed with sex and fame and money.

She also has something of a reputation nowadays for being a bit classless; apparently she showed up at the Vanity Fair Oscars party back in March in an outfit that left nothing to the imagination, at least upstairs. This was supposedly her way of participating in the PoundMeToo movement (heh) by telling men not to tell women what to wear and not to objectify them.

That strikes me as a bit of a feminist own-goal, to be honest. Not that anybody cares, because… well, see for yourself. This lady is nearly 40 and she looks like that. Damn, but the Slavs really do have some amazing genetics.

Happy Friday, boys. Weights will be lifted. Beers will be drunk. And because Memorial Day is coming up – to all of those who have served, you have my personal and profound gratitude. It is because of you that I am able to live here safely and enjoy the same freedoms that Americans take for granted every day.

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