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Punching back twice as hard

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

A few enterprising shitlords have evidently found a wonderful new way to trigger the liberaltards who would dare presume to remove the God-given right of Americans – and all other free peoples – to defend themselves as they see fit. And, my word, it is working:

Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg is being compared to Hitler after various videos emerged online with the Nazi leader’s voice dubbed over footage of the teenager speaking at the March for our Lives rally. 

The videos, which have been posted on YouTube and played by Infowars, Breitbart and other far-right media sites, used footage of the 17-year-old speaking to the crowds of protesters in Washington on Saturday.

Hitler’s voice from one of his 1930s rally speeches has been edited into the videos and also features crowds of Nazi supporters cheering.

Beautiful. Glorious. Well done to MAGA3D for putting that video together.

Here it is, by the way:

Do not bother trying to look for it on YouTube. Right now it is flagged as “inappropriate content” – in that it is inappropriate according to libprogs, but extremely funny to us shitlords.

In these dark days for individual rights and freedoms, it is heartening to see that at least some sensible, freedom-loving Americans are still out there and are refusing to back down in the face of some of the most blatant and overemotional attempts to destroy their rights.

Let us be very clear about one thing: the Bill of Rights is not negotiable. Not one line, not one phrase, not one word of it is up for interpretation.

It is true that the first ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America represent a rather odd grab-bag of rights that do not make a whole lot of sense when viewed separately – to modern eyes, the Third Amendment concerning quartering of soldiers, for instance, seems decidedly odd. And the Seventh Amendment sets the bar for common-law trial by jury at twenty dollars, which by modern standards is a ridiculously small sum of money to argue about in court.

Such nitpicking confuses the forest with the trees – and, in so doing, completely misses the beauty of that forest, and misunderstands its purpose.

When viewed together as a set of holistic rights determining the relationship between the government and the citizenry, the intent of these rights becomes absolutely clear. The original intent of the Constitution was to ensure that the government would be afraid of the people – not the other way around. These rights exist to ensure that the government cannot abuse, damage, or torture the people who give it power and form.

No right among these is more important than the Second Amendment.

The First Amendment, which secures freedom of conscience, association, religious belief, and public assembly to petition for grievances, is all fine and dandy. But it has no teeth behind it. In isolation, without actual force of arms to support it, there is nothing to stop a government from using overwhelming violence to disband and disperse any protest or assembly or religious institution that it does not particularly like.

That is why a well-armed, well-seasoned citizenry, with rifles and guns and knives and axes and sharp rocks, is needed.

And that is why preachy, half-illiterate meddling twerps like (possible crisis actor) David Hogg, who presume to lecture the rest of America about the need to give up their legitimately obtained and peacefully maintained arms, need to be given a few lessons in the reason why the First Amendment exists.

David Hogg, like all other gun-grabbers, is quite free to argue that the Second Amendment should be repealed and that the Federal government should go door-to-door to round up law-abiding Americans and take their guns. And pocketknives. And kitchen knives. And wood-cutting axes. And chainsaws. And crowbars. And hunting bows. And… well, you get the idea.

But the beauty of the First Amendment is that, because it has actual teeth and power thanks to the Second, is that the rest of America can tell him precisely what they think of him.

If these people insist on calling the rest of us Nazis and fascists, fine. Let them. Let us see how they like it when we turn the tables on them, and point out the distinct and clear parallels between their program for American disarmament, and the way that the actual Nazis disarmed those that they didn’t like.

There are times when it is easy to give up hope and think that the mountain we face is too high to climb. The Left was winning the culture war for decades, and winning well, because the Right simply refused to fight on that same battlefield. But now the Right is hitting back, and the Left’s ability to spin the facts for their own ends is dissipating fast.

They are not nearly as numerous as they claim to be. They are not particularly historically literate. Their ideology consists mostly of FEEEEEEELZ, not truths. And their insistence on pissing all over the culture and the values of heartland America is going to be their undoing.

Meanwhile, fellow shitlords – you know what to do. Spread the memes far and wide, and do not let David Hogg, or any other leftist, get away with pretending that what they want is anything less than the total disarmament and enslavement of the American people.

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  1. Ward B

    Were the excerpts they used for this video from Hitler's 1935 youth rally speech in Nuremberg? My school taught French instead of German, so my German is limited. Well, they did a good job.

  2. Tom Kratman

    The first six amendments, anyway, are a litany of the abuses we suffered under Parliament; that's the way to read them.


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