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Friday T&A: Doppelthoter edition

by | Feb 24, 2018 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 3 comments

I know we say this every week, but this week… seriously, thank God it’s Friday.

It has been a long and in some ways quite brutal week, for both personal and professional reasons. But, once again, we come to everyone’s favourite part of the blog, featuring hot girls and snarky commentary on the same. (Obviously y’all only care about one of those things.)

This week’s selection of eye-candy comes from Brazil, and unlike most Instathots, she is actually rather famous. She competed in a Miss Bum-Bum Contest – God bless Brazilians, is all I can say to that – a few years back, and shot to fame rather quickly for apparently looking a hell of a lot like America’s own Megan Fox.

I’ll let you be the judge of just how much she resembles her American counterpart. What is not up for much debate is whether or not she is sponsored. (Hint: she almost certainly has been at some point in the past.)

Ms. Alende here seems to have a decided penchant for pouting at the camera with her tits and arse hanging out – certainly she won’t get any complaints from me about that – and adding vapid motivational quotes to her “look at me!!!” pictures.

Well, a girl’s gotta eat, I suppose.

Happy Friday, boys. Just don’t ever fall for a pretty face like that and think that she cannot be bought for the right price. Every woman has a price, especially the really beautiful ones.

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

A post shared by Cláudia Alende (@claudiaalende) on

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  1. Andrew

    She looks much better than Megan Fox because I'm not seeing any visible tattoos.

  2. Eduardo the Magnificent

    Those DSL's, doe…

    • Didact

      Hellz yeah…


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