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Trolling Level: God-Emperor

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Another day, another gaystream media and establishment politician fainting spell over the God-Emperor’s inconvenient habit of telling it like it is:

President Donald Trump has questioned why the US should allow more immigrants from “shithole countries” during a meeting with legislators about a proposed bipartisan deal on immigration.

Mr Trump made the profane remark after Democratic senator Richard Durbin told him a lottery for visas would be ended under the proposal, according to several sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

In exchange, Mr Durbin said people fleeing from countries suffering from natural disasters or civil strife, including Haiti and El Salvador, would be allowed to stay in the US.

Mr Trump specifically questioned why the US would want to admit more people from Haiti, and also mentioned Africa, the sources said.

One of the sources who was briefed on the conversation quoted Mr Trump as saying: “Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They’re shithole countries… We should have more people from Norway.”

Good heavens! What an utterly outrageous thing for the President of the United States of America to say in public!! (Though of course it has not been fully verified that he actually said that, by the way.) How dare he suggest that little brown and black brothers from the darkest and dankest corners of the Earth are not TRUE Americans who feel in their hearts that they are, in fact, Americans!!!

Why, even Gamma male par excellence and several times failed Presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks that America really belongs to the world and not to native-born Americans- how can the POTUS possibly suggest otherwise?!!!!

I mean, what are the poor little brown brothers who look to America as their one shining hope of near-unlimited welfare payouts and fast-track citizenship allowing for unlimited chain migration for their relatives freedom and democracy going to do now that the American President has basically told them that they cannot simply come over and turn America into the same crapfest that they fled make America more diverse and vibrant?!!!!!

Well, fortunately, some shitlord named “Paul Joseph Watson”- you may have heard of him because he is an awful, terrible, no good, very bad person who thinks and says all of the wrong opinions- came along and helped cishetwhitemalesplain it to us:

Well. That was just mean. After all, he did nothing to make the little brown brothers deal with muh feelz over what the POTUS (allegedly) said. One must ask, yet again, what they feel about the subject? If only we had a little brown brother to ask how-

(raised hand over in the back)

er… yes? Oh, Didact?!? What the hell do you want?

(takes microphone after punching weeping pierced blue-haired shitlib of indeterminate gender and sexual orientation in the face while flashing a huge smirk at the cute Russian girl in the front row)

Ah, that’s much better. Being one of those “little brown brothers” myself, I really hate it when some smug liberaltard tries to speak for me.

You want know what happened when I read what Donaldus Triumphus allegedly said?

I laughed. Uproariously.

It was one of the funniest things that I had ever seen- and it so happens that I agree with him, entirely.

I am from one of the “shithole countries”- not the ones allegedly referenced in the alleged remark, which are specifically in the Caribbean and Africa, but from another one, where the government has to go around telling a populace that is still about 25% or so illiterate not to shit in the streets and instruct them in the proper use of toilets and indoor plumbing.

While I am a citizen of the old country, I have no desire to go back and live there. Visiting it once a year is sufficient for me- and for me it’s like going to a totally foreign place.

Now, hundreds of thousands if not millions of my countrymen have come to the United States since 1965, settled here, and generally greatly improved their lots in life.

The standard Leftoid narrative about such immigration is that it raises wages, drives productivity forward, and greatly benefits the American economy by providing a lot of highly skilled labour at a fraction of the cost of hiring Americans in the tech and finance industries.

The reality is rather a bit different.

The shitlib view of the world is formed based on a relatively small number of outright success stories (like me, as a matter of fact). They see the people who came over, either with advanced degrees in hand or with acceptance offers at American universities for the same, got good high-paying jobs after they arrived or completed their degrees, paid their taxes, stayed out of the way of the law, raised families, and- most importantly in their eyes- consistently voted for MORE immigration and MORE leftward expansion of government.

What they do not acknowledge, because they do not want to do so, is the fact that the majority of such imports were not and are not success stories. They end up instead in places like Jamaica, in Queens, crammed together and working low-paying jobs while importing their blood feuds and idolatrous religious beliefs and- of course- voting consistently leftwards.

Speaking just for myself, I happen to rather like living in America and- critically- have been quite happy to leave my native culture behind, what with its total lack of respect for queueing, personal space, and traffic rules. I have no desire to act like someone from the old country.

That does not make me American. That does not mean that Americans are under any obligation whatsoever to dust off the furniture and silverware for me and welcome me into their country with no strings attached.

I am here because of the tolerance and generosity of an unusually kind and decent people who have built (what used to be) the greatest nation on God’s green Earth. I do not take this for granted. I am a guest here, with certain rights and freedoms accorded to guests. Those rights do not come for free. I get that, and so too does President Trump.

Which is why, when President Donald Trump asks why America should import thousands more people from shithole countries around the world, I can only applaud him for having the big brass balls to say what needs saying.

To paraphrase Maximus Decimus Meridius from the epic film Gladiator, “I have seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal, and cruel, and dark. [America] is the light!”

And to quote our friend the Gentleman Adventurer (who has gone skiing and will, I hope, manage to avoid pulling a Schumacher in the process): “if you import Africans you will get Africa”.

In the same way, if you import Haitians, you will get Haiti; if you import Indians, you will get India; if you import Pakistanis, you will get Pakistan; if you import Russians and Hungarians and Poles, you will get Russia and Hungary and Poland; and if you import Norwegians and Dutch and Irish and English, you will get Norway and Holland and Ireland and England.

Some of these nations are far more desirable places to live than others. This is a natural consequence of the vastly disparate outcomes observed between different races, due to widely distributed differences in intelligence, time preferences, work ethic, the belief (or lack thereof) in either the Jewish or Christian faiths which teach that hard work in the name of God is a virtue, and the willingness of individual tribes and peoples to look beyond those tribal instincts toward creating a framework of common-law institutions designed to maintain and build civilisation.

It is to be observed that even peoples that score better in these virtues than others still bring with them their centuries-old blood feuds and antagonisms wherever they go. Witness what happened when the Italians and the Pollacks clashed in New York, or the Irish came over, or blacks were integrated by force into the white population. Each and every time, crime and racial tension has shot up, and it has taken sometimes brutal force to suppress it and create the conditions required for assimilation.

To be American is to live in what used to be the greatest, freest, most advanced nation on Earth. Today that nation no longer exists, its freedoms are being dismantled wholesale, and anyone who has ever had to deal with the ordeal of traveling into America from overseas- especially from Europe- knows quite well that it is far from advanced anymore.

Nonetheless, Americans once recognised and defended the truth that this was their country, and accepted only the best and the brightest from other nations, in very small numbers, who came mostly from nations culturally and ethnically similar to America.

Like, say, Norwegians. Who once exported a third of their population to America, and whose descendants now form much, if not most, of the population of North Dakota. Which is one of the richest states in the Union, with the lowest unemployment rate, massive oil and natural gas reserves, and- from what I understand- is a pretty well-run, low-crime, efficient, beautiful, and prosperous place.

So basically, it used to be the case that America didn’t import people from shitholes. That is a very large part of what made America great.

Why, then, is the God-Emperor such a terrible person for simply pointing out the obvious truth- that Americans have every right to pick and choose, very carefully, who gets handed a winning lottery ticket in life to come and live in America?

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