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Friday T&A: Winter Storm Edition

by | Jan 5, 2018 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 4 comments

Well, the week that thou gavest us, Lord, hath ended, and the Sabbath cometh. Unfortunately, the Big Fella Upstairs doesn’t seem to be in a terribly good mood at the moment, which is why a massive “bomb cyclone” has basically shut down most of the East Coast- and severely disrupted my plans to return to the United States tonight.

I hate traveling on intercontinental flights as it is, but now there has been what the Brits like to call “a spot of bad weather” over on the East Coast over the last few days, and it is set to continue through until Sunday. That has already resulted in the cancellation of the last leg of my planned trip back, so who knows when I’ll finally walk through my own front door again- might not be until midnight on Sunday, or later.

Once again, the amazingly antiquated American air traffic infrastructure has resulted in worldwide travel chaos, and once again we all end up paying the price.

It is some consolation, then, to warm ourselves up a little bit by looking at pictures of hot chicks in bikinis sunning themselves on beaches. Today’s edition showcases women whose, er, “assets” have been enhanced to (and possibly beyond) the point where they could be used as personal flotation devices in the event that the vessel you are on with her capsizes. (The likely cause of which is the fact that said lady decided to lean over ever so slightly to one side.)

Yes, they are all Instathots. Yes, several of these pictures come from Dubai, and we all know what that means. Yes, all of the girls below are reality television “stars” of one kind or another. And yes, they are all trashy at some level.

Even so, I do not imagine too many of you are complaining. Much.

By random coincidence, three of the four thots featured today are named “Chloe”. Hand to God, I promise you, this wasn’t intentional. I don’t know if that automatically makes the name “Chloe” super-slutty as a result, but I’m sure all of you enterprising shitlords can tell me whether it is or not.

Happy Friday, boys. Raise your horns in salute of the first hawt babes and bewbage post of 2018 from your buddy the Didact- and spare a thought for the guy suffering through the misery of a 15-hour flight strapped into a very uncomfortable chair on that giant flying Circle of Hell known as an Airbus A380, only to land in the Great Frozen North that is oh-so-obviously suffering from a severe outbreak of global warming.

Damned ecomentalists…

Steamy: Chloe recently shared a racy snapshot of herself posing in lingerie on Instagram

A post shared by 🌴Chloe Khan🌴 (@chloe.khan) on

Hot mama! Jess Impiazzi flaunted her famous figure once again in a series of steamy shots for her 2018 calendar

A post shared by 🌴Chloe Khan🌴 (@chloe.khan) on

Hot stuff: The sultry shoot comes amid rumours the 28-year-old reality starlet has signed up to take part in Celebrity Big Brother

A post shared by Chloe Ferry💀 (@chloegshore1) on

A post shared by Chloe Goodman (@chloe__goodman) on

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  1. Zarathusra

    Dubai. Poop. Oh Jesus.

    Redhead with the blue eyes. Wow. Chloe Goodman. Nice.


    • Didact

      Here at the War College we may well believe in crushing our enemies and drinking mead from their skulls, but we also deliver service with a smile to all shitlords near and far ))

    • Man of the Atom


  2. Dire Badger

    Chloe Goodman and the two unclothed, kinda yummy… but the saudi porta-a-potty and the two barbie wannabes? Not only more plastic than an aircraft carrier made out of dixie cups, but you can practically see the lice jumping ship ahead of the HPV. Yuck. I'd ruther look at Pics of Sarah Lancaster. Even the new ones.


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