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Friday T&A: Twelve dates of Christmas Edition

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I love Christmas. It is my single favourite day of the year. It marks the birth of the Saviour, and everything that this means. (I rather hope that the Lord forgives me for associating the King of Kings with a post that involves, well, gratuitous and wonderful displays of the female form; otherwise I suspect that the Hereafter is not going to be terribly fun.)

I love spending the day with my family at home. It’s not about the gifts, and hasn’t been for years- we don’t even really get each other gifts anymore. For me, it is about being with the people that I love the most in this world, celebrating all that is good in life. We typically crack open a good bottle of wine, my mother typically cooks way too much food- which is actually typical for her on any day, just more so on Christmas Day- and my dad makes horrible puns that leave nobody in any doubt as to where I get my rather odd sense of humour from.

It is always a wonderful day. The one time that I could not celebrate Christmas at home, 5 years back, was miserable and would have been even worse if my sister hadn’t been staying with me.

Simply put, Christmas is a far, far bigger deal to me than Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and even my own birthday.

That being said- since it is not technically Christmas yet, I think I can get away, just, with sticking twelve pictures of really hot girls into a post related to the season.

Happy Christmas, everyone- and no, I am NOT going to say “Seasons Greetings”. I see red every time I see that nonsense nowadays. It is CHRISTMAS, the day of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, not some made-up holiday like Festivus or Kwanzaa.

(The last picture is from Sara Underwood’s Instagram feed- my thanks to friend and fellow shitlord Last Redoubt for his persistence in showing the rest of us everything that she has to offer.)

Boobs and cleavage (18)

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