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Friday T&A: Unknown celebrity Edition

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It’s Friday again, lads- although right now, as I am currently on vacation, it’s Friday for me a hell of a lot earlier than it is for you, assuming you’re in the USA. Sadly, my vacation is drawing to an end; I fly back to the States on Saturday afternoon (my time) and will soon be back to my old ways and routines.

I have to say, I’m going to miss this city. And yes, I will be posting pictures and thoughts of my travels shortly. It’s not really any great mystery as to where I have been for the past week, but I’ll keep it to myself for a day or two longer until such time as I get a chance to do a proper write-up.

Now, getting back to the more important topic at hand, it is, of course, that time of the week when I go find some hot babe in a barely-there bikini and post pictures from her (public) Instaham account for us all to admire.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the women in question are all that admirable, of course. Last week provided a sterling example of an Instagram thot who is clearly hamstering away for attention- and succeeding admirably, it has to be said.

This week’s offering is no different, but at least she’s honest about it. Casey Batchelor is some sort of reality TV star- I’m quite clueless as to what exactly that means- but nobody really cares about her acting “skills”.

And yes, I suspect she is, or has been, sponsored. But cannot (yet) confirm.

Happy Friday, lads. While y’all are trying to get yourselves through the misery of the workday and on to the start of the evening’s festivities, I’ll be off to a shooting range, thanks to the time difference over here.

Sometimes, it is indeed good to travel.

Have a safe and restful Friday and weekend, and I’ll be back to my regular programming soon enough.

A post shared by Casey Batchelor (@caseybatchelor1) on

A post shared by Casey Batchelor (@caseybatchelor1) on

A post shared by Casey Batchelor (@caseybatchelor1) on

A post shared by Casey Batchelor (@caseybatchelor1) on

A post shared by Casey Batchelor (@caseybatchelor1) on

A post shared by Casey Batchelor (@caseybatchelor1) on

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