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Friday T&A: Baby got bass Edition

by | Jul 29, 2017 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 3 comments

I dunno about y’all, but I’ve never quite been into fishing. It’s not just that I dislike the smell of fish (though I do).

It’s just that I’ve never really understood the point of waking up at like 4am on a cold day to go to the nearest lake and sit quietly shivering for hours in a boat while casting lines and waiting for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, to just sort of come along and latch onto the custom-made lure and fly that you spent the entire previous day crafting.

No disrespect intended at all to my fellow fishermen here at the Reach; I’m just sayin’, I’ve never quite understood the point, is all.

I will, however, concede one key fact about fishing: it is the antidote to chaos.

And I’d say that it’s about time to introduce some feminine chaos right back into fishing, thanks to our friends over at Radass.com.

Happy Friday, boys. I’m off to go lift some weights and drink some beers- and I’m just about all out of weights...

Hot girls fishing. (6)

Hot girls fishing. (8)

Hot girls fishing. (9)

Hot girls fishing. (16)

Hot girls fishing. (19)

Hot girls fishing. (20)

And hey, speaking of chaos:

Hot girls fishing. (29)

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  1. Eduardo the Magnificent

    I've never gotten up at 4 am and shivered my ass off to go fishing. You're thinking of hunting. Fishing is all about knowing what fish like, when the like it, and getting the fuck away from the wife. If you only accomplish one of those three things, it was a good trip.

  2. Unknown

    You'll never get the smell out of those fish now, y'know.

    • Didact

      Hmmm… Maybe I should have called this one "Fish Tacos Edition" )))


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