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Hail to the hammer

by | Apr 17, 2017 | HALO, Uncategorized | 2 comments

I realise that it is probably rather churlish and distinctly against the Christian spirit of tolerance and forgiveness during the seasons of Lent and Easter to say that I enjoy watching antifags and leftists getting the snot beaten out of them by the mighty legions of the God-Emperor, but…:

Lord forgive me, but that was beautiful.

The main reason why the antifa types have been able to get away with their attempts to shut down freedom of speech, thought, and association is because, up until fairly recently, those on the right were willing to play by the rules and stay peaceful.

Now, being a good law-abiding quiet citizen is, under normal civilised situations, exactly what can and should be expected of any good conservative-minded individual. We are law-and-order types by nature, breeding, and outlook.

However, playing by the rules is useless if your opponent decides to throw out the rulebook- which leftists ALWAYS do.

They are not interested in honourable combat. They are not interested in winning you over through force of reason, evidence, argument, and logic. They are simply interested in winning- at all cost, at any cost.

That wouldn’t be such a problem if they didn’t believe in so many manifestly idiotic ideas. But they do, and therefore they are a problem that the rest of us have to deal with.

The Trump supporters who attended the rally at Berkeley played by the rules, mostly. They didn’t bring weapons. They came to listen respectfully to speakers on their side.

The antifags who attacked them didn’t play by the rules (obviously).

So you’ll understand if I am quite delighted to see that the folks on our side have decided that aggressive intolerance of different points of view needs to be met with exactly the same kind of response.

See, the thing about leftists is that they operate based on a mob mentality. Once they have sufficient numbers, they attack relentlessly, en masse, and refuse to give up until they have brought down their prey. And most of the time, this works pretty well because until fairly recently, the Right had basically given up on the idea of fighting for anything.

But that is now changing. The Alt-Right and its supporters are not interested in “playing nice”. The moment the antifas were confronted by bikers and Oath Keepers, and took a few face- and body-shots, they started fleeing.

The message from the latest round of violence at Berkeley is clear. To quote from one of my favourite films, “the time for half-measures and talk is over“. If the Left will not observe restraint and civilised codes of conduct, then neither should we. Enough of this nonsense about “honourable combat”- there is no honour to be found in trying to reason with those who think that rioting over a speech is acceptable.

If it takes a few sharp blows- and probably a lot more than that- to make these idiots understand that we will not be dictated to anymore, then so be it.

If any of you reading this end up attending a similar rally in the near future, remember this basic rules:

  1. Be prepared for violence. Wear layers designed to take at least some impact, get yourself a helmet of some kind, get protective eye goggles, and wear a pair of gloves. Get groin protection as well if you can. Better to be hot and uncomfortable in the sun than to take impact and damage to a vulnerable point on your body.
  2. If you are permitted, take along some kind of self-defence implement. I personally love knives, but if they are outlawed, don’t bring them. The police may or may not protect you, but if they don’t, then do not give them any excuse to arrest you. Invest instead in some plastic self-defence implements that can be disguised as key-chains or similar objects.
  3. Stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t get yourself isolated and cut off from your friends or fellows. Based on past behaviour, antifas will swarm you if you are in this position.
  4. Be sure to go in the company of fellow shitlords. Nothing deters aggression quite like seeing a group of big strong dudes who clearly know how to handle themselves*.

And with that in mind, seeing as it’s Monday and we all need a bit of a pick-me-up, here are some great marching songs to help us all along:

*In case you’re wondering- yes, I’ll help out if such an event takes place near me. I don’t like violence in public (or in private, for that matter), but these are the times we live in, and this is what we are reduced to.

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  1. Dire Badger

    Mountain biking pads, helmet, some ski glasses and a pair of impact gloves are lightweight, comfortable, and won't cause a second glance from security.

    a screw-in fiberglass golf flag cut down to about a foot and a half in length, as well as a 'thor' movie keychain fob (The head of the hammer unscrews, and can be screwed tight into the end of the rod) with a little duct tape and twine wrapped around the cut end for grip, and you have a handy-dandy undetectable CIA baton that will numb limbs and knock people over without doing any actual damage.

    We are bringing loads of zip-ties to the next party so that we can leave the worst razor snowflakes for the police to deal with, stacked up in neat little pyramids for their pleasure.

  2. Dire Badger

    One thing I want to mention… one of the problems with events like this is that it's so much FUN. I mean, REALLY fun. I do SCA, but this was real, nonlethal violence, and it's not the first time, this has been happening at rallies, speeches, and events all across the country.

    The leftists are retards, but man they sure know how to throw a party.

    it's especially enjoyable if you don't bother communicating with them. Us 'big lifter' guys just wear the ski glasses, stand silently crossing our arms, and then get happy when the first one of them swings a picket sign.

    Maybe this time the children will learn their lesson, or else we are going to have to shut down the campuses and Starbucks and asian fusion cafeterias for good.


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