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Friday T&A: My eyes are UP HERE!!!!! Edition

by | Feb 10, 2017 | fat girl jihad, Uncategorized | 11 comments

Gentlemen, what is breast in life?

Well, Friday nights full of bacon, booze, and babes would probably rank right up there. And speaking of that last, here you go. All pictures courtesy of Radass.com.

Happy Friday, lads.

Note: I do realise that such things might seem a little… declasse to certain people. Since I am nothing if not a cultured and refined man with an eye for epic beauty, let me attempt to make amends for this by showing you a picture of the one, the only, the gloriously beautiful, Kate Beckinsale:

(I had to correct out the earlier photo after VigiliaPretiumLibertatis pointed out that it’s actually one of the, very gorgeous, supermodel Petra Nemcova. Technically the oversight belongs to the muppet who created a wallpaper out of the wrong woman, but it’s my mistake too.)

Yes, I know she’s over 40 now, but for my money she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. I’m not sure what it is about her- there are younger, prettier women than her, and there are certainly tighter and hotter women, but she simply has this odd combination of attributes that take her far beyond merely “cute” and “hot” and right into jaw-droppingly beautiful territory.

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  1. Eduardo the Magnificent

    Pic #5

    God bless America…

    • Didact

      Amen, Reverend

    • LastRedoubt

      While I'm partial to #3 myself, yes, god bless America, and Amen for Pic #5

  2. VigiliaPretiumLibertatis

    I'm pretty sure that's Petra Nemcova in the red dress, not Kate.

    • Didact

      Damn, I think you're right.

      They share some similarities in facial structure, which I suspect is why the website that I got that photo from was confused on the subject.

      I'll correct it out later.

  3. Unknown

    I know why you appreciate Kate Beckinsale… Just contrast current pictures of her with the picture of the 'young tight' Miley Cyrus in the very next article, and it's easily self-explanatory.

    • Didact

      Yeah, man. Kate projects an image of warmth, class, femininity, and graceful good humour. (Whether she is actually like this, I have no idea- but I know I like what I see.)

  4. Wolfman

    Sadly M'lady your eyes are far less interesting.

  5. Sean Carnegie

    Pic #2 made my heart stop for a second or two. Wow.

    • Didact

      I'm sure they are fake, but I can't say I'm the least bit bothered about that…

  6. mobius

    Kate's gotten a little hard around the edges since serendipity, but she still out-classes the rest.


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