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SJW delenda est, Pt. 2: Strategy

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As I pointed out earlier, the fact is that we are now at war for our culture. This is true whether you like it or not, and it is time to pick a side- the SJWs, or the rest of us.

It is not pleasant to see the world in such Manichean terms, but that is the reality with which we are currently faced. And if we don’t fight back, they will do everything in their power to destroy us.

Fortunately, it turns out that fighting back is not quite as hard as it might sound.

I do not claim to be any kind of strategic mastermind who can tell you exactly how to do this. I can, however, tell you that if you don’t take steps to protect yourself, they WILL come after YOU.

So in order to win, you have to make yourself resilient against their attacks. You have to make yourself, to borrow a phrase, antifragile.

Here are a few basic things that you need to do in order to ensure that you and the people you care about are safe. In the process, you will also help inoculate your organisations and employers from the corrosive influence of SJWs.

1. Make yourself as income-independent as possible

This blog, among others, offers clear and useful general advice for building up your investments and savings. I plan to continue to do this in the future with general ideas and tips for helping you build your wealth over a long-term time horizon. (Note, however, that since I am NOT a qualified investment advisor, I will NEVER make recommendations about specific financial products that you should buy or sell, and I DO NOT provide any performance guarantees.)

Make sure that you have at least  6 months’ worth of living expenses saved up in your bank account. Cut down your expenses by getting rid of what you don’t need, until you can live a simple yet comfortable life.

If the SJWs can’t immediately impoverish you by getting you fired, then you immediately make yourself a hardened target.

2. Find alternative sources of decentralised income

Even if you do what I advised above, it’s still not enough. If you’re tied down to a single source of income, you’re vulnerable.

The fact is, being tied to a single employer blows, even if you love your job. You’re always taking someone else’s orders. You’re always stuck doing what someone else wants you to do. You’re always dependent upon someone else’s good graces.

Break out of that dependence. Become an Amazon affiliate. Create T-shirt designs, get them made in China or India and shipped to you directly, and sell them at a decent mark-up. If you are a good writer, write for sites that pay you for your work. Use Fiverr to get paid for simple little jobs that require little time. Launch your own online consulting business. Sell crap that you have lying around the house on eBay- you might be surprised at how valuable some of that random junk is.

If you can do so without falling afoul of domestic regulations, think about opening up an international bank account. This is much harder for American residents and citizens now due to the insanity of FATCA, but it’s worth exploring because there is no reason to believe that Western governments will not confiscate private savings to fund government extravagances.

Use your imagination to secure new, decentralised sources of funding- so that when (not if) the SJWs come knocking, they can’t hurt you by attacking your income or your wealth.

3. De-fund the SJWs

Money is the single most effective angle of attack that SJWs have. Make no mistake- they can destroy anyone they choose if they try hard enough, because they are backed by massive corporate interests.

But, though they can dish it out, they can’t take it in return.

Cut your subscriptions to cable and satellite TV- most of what they show these days is pure garbage anyway, it is cultural Marxist trash streamed straight into your living room and is designed specifically to turn you into an unthinking zombie. You might be surprised at how few of us have to do this before it hits them like a baseball bat in the nuts. Find alternative, cheaper, simpler sources of entertainment that you directly control, via Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Refuse to use SJW-infested resources like Google and Wikipedia, to the extent that you can. Google, for instance, is eyeballs-deep in SJWs- but they depend on ad revenue derived from tracking your search results and data-mining the same to deliver targeted ads to your eyeballs. Alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo do NOT track your searches.

4. Attack their funding sources

Turnabout is fair play. They attack us and try to get us kicked out of our jobs. It’s only fair that we return the favour.

Operation Disrespectful Nod showed us how this can work. Gaming “journalism” outlets like KotakuRock Paper Shotgun, and Gizmodo, depended heavily on ad revenue and sponsorships from big companies like Intel, Amazon, IBM, and others. By writing respectful and polite emails to those sponsors and asking them to consider ceasing their patronage of these SJW-led institutions, we were able to dramatically change the nature of the battle. The massive hits to their funding drove rapid changes within the gaming media establishment and forced several key SJWs out of positions of power.

Don’t for a moment think that this tactic cannot be re-used. It can, to tremendous effect. It was used against Tor Books and Tor.com earlier this year- the boycott of which is still in place and which I am still observing. If you come across an SJW whose employer or source of funding depends heavily on corporate sources, write to the PR departments of those sources- politely, carefully, and respectfully– and let those sources know that until and unless they cease supporting those SJWs, you will no longer buy their products.

It doesn’t take very many of us to hop on that particular bandwagon before corporate sponsors start noticing.

5. Refuse to hire SJWs

Precisely how and where to spot an SJW is still something of an art, not necessarily a science. They are VERY VERY GOOD at disguising themselves. There are, however, a few tells.

Vox’s book shows you how to spot them. If you have even the faintest hint of a suspicion that you are dealing with an SJW who is interviewing for a job, next that candidate, fast. Don’t let them gain one single inch of foothold into your organisation.

If this sounds ruthless and cruel, that’s because it is. Make no mistake- they will do the same, and worse, to you, with no remorse. I’m going to keep saying this as often as I need to: this is WAR, and there is no room for limp-wristed mumblings about how mean we’re being to people on the other side.

6. Friends don’t let friends hire SJWs either

One of the most delicious examples of schadenfreude that came from “Donglegate” was the fact that Adria Richards, the SJW who got a man fired from his job for telling an off-colour joke, was herself fired from her job.

The PyCon attendee who got fired, found a new job pretty quickly- good for him too, as he has a wife and three kids to support.

Adria Richards? As of February this year, apparently still unemployed– and now, unemployable by any self-respecting tech firm that is interested in keeping its best employees.

If you have friends and you regularly pass them candidates to interview and hire- we all do this, networking being what it is- then use your judgement, and the wisdom of others, to sort out SJWs from the rest. With any candidate that goes into the SJW pile, his or her CV goes straight into the shredder. And then you tell your friends and contacts to avoid those candidates as if they have actual bubonic plague.

That is how you deal with SJWs- efficiently, ruthlessly, and utterly without remorse.

7. Purge the unclean!

If you run your own business, and it’s large enough to have an HR department, it’s better than even money that you’ve got a serious SJW problem.

HR’s power in large corporations these days is astonishing. A single complaint to HR can result in the destruction of an employee’s career prospects with no hope of salvage. (I would know.) And that is because HR departments have been handed authority without responsibility- and wield it accordingly.

The problem is that HR departments are the most SJW-friendly environments because it doesn’t actually take a whole lot by way of skill to do what Human Resources does. Most of it, in point of fact, can be automated. As a result, companies with large HR departments are usually dramatically overstaffed- and such companies always tend to be the most bureaucratic, hidebound, and inflexible.

If you want to SJW-proof a company, you have to start with the HR department.

Make hiring decisions yourself- cut HR out of the process entirely except for the form-filling, drug tests, and payroll routines that can mostly be automated in this day and age anyway. Any employee review system must be under your direct control, never the HR department’s. Familiarise yourself with all of the pertinent employment laws for your state or jurisdiction- if you don’t know this already, you’re not going to survive long in business anyway.

Outsource just as much of the HR grunt-work as you can, and automate as many of the back-end business processes as possible. Do NOT, under any circumstances, given HR the power to enforce any kind of nonsensical SJW-written “Code of Conduct” or “Statement of Values and Beliefs” unless you directly wrote it yourself and gave all of your employees a chance to have his or her say about it.

And if an SJW is found- fire him or her. Do not apologise for it. Do not make excuses. Do not attempt to sugarcoat the language. It is strictly a business decision, and must be treated as such- because sooner or later, that SJW is going to seriously hurt your organisation, and therefore your bottom line.

8. Avoid friendly fire

You cannot win a war like this fighting alone. None of us can. Figuring out who your friends and allies are is even more important than figuring out who your enemies are.

First, moderates are not your friends. The problem these days is that “moderates”, especially of the cuckservative stripe, are more interested in reining in us “wackoes” and “extremists” than they are in actually, y’know, saving the culture. Those who plead for “civility” and “moderation” in the discourse are basically just providing cover for the SJWs.

Second, DO NOT attack those declare themselves to be neutral. The single greatest weapon that both we and the SJWs have at our disposal is public opinion. SJWs use the mainstream media to influence it; we counter that by systematically destroying every one of the lies that they throw at us. Those who have not yet picked a side simply don’t recognise the threat yet, and that is their failing- but you cannot force them to do it. Lead by example, and let them make up their own minds.

This is why #Gamergate succeeded and continues to succeed; when The Escapist changed its tune about the movement and became much more even-handed in its treatment, we left them alone, which showed that we really were about ethics in gaming journalism and preserved for us the moral level of war.

Third, never fail to appreciate your allies. Give respect and honour to those fighting by your side, no matter what your disagreements with their lifestyles and opinions might be. They are still fighting against the same people you are.

9. Limit your exposure

SJWs will attack you through any avenue you give them. Social media is the most useful because it leaves you the most vulnerable.

If you work for someone else and you have any common sense, you will already have scrubbed your FaceBorg, Twatter, and InstaGroupie accounts of any embarrassing photos, status updates, “tweets” (whatever the hell those are), and links that might be counted as Badthink by current and prospective employers. If you have a blog, you should be blogging under a pseudonym (as I do); only if you are sufficiently secure and independent and antifragile should you consider writing under your own name.

I would recommend, however, that you go a step further and simply cut out ALL unnecessary social media exposure in your life. I gave up using Facebook years ago. I have never had an Instagram or Twitter account. Back in my sad-sack beta-orbiter days, I used to use a sort of knockoff version of MySpace called “Where Are You Now” (WAYN) in order to keep up with this one girl; I haven’t used it in nearly 10 years. I don’t use WhatsApp and will only consider Tinder as a dating app, nothing else.

This has a number of rather useful benefits.

First, it denies the SJWs their single most important avenue of attack. Anything you say, do, or write down on paper can be used against you. It’s a weapon that we use against them all the time- because they, being often quite narcissistic, can’t help but give us all the ammunition we need via Twitter updates and public Facebook posts.

Second, getting rid of social media greatly frees up your time. You are no longer a slave to your smartphone or phablet. You are free to spend the time you would have committed to mindlessly scrolling through a lot of nonsense, on actual productive activities. Lifting heavy stuff, for example- or kicking other people in the face.

Third, and most importantly, by removing your exposure to social media, you make yourself invisible to your enemies. And the most effective attacks are always the ones they never see coming.

Onward and Upward

My friends, we can win this war. The road ahead is long and filled with hardships. We will suffer along the way. The prize, though, is worth the effort: a culture that we can once again be proud of, that will allow us to live our lives free of the micromanaging cultural Marxist tyranny that has enslaved us for so long, and that will let us raise our children into masculine men and feminine women.

Will you join the fight?

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