“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”

The coming of the tide

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That speech from Bill Whittle is from nearly 3 years ago, right after the electoral disaster- and that is what it was- of November 2012. In it, he raises a number of critically important points that I think need to be kept in mind as America enters yet another election cycle. (Honestly, what is it with Americans and elections? I seem to remember some bewildered Limey writing in a newspaper column somewhere that, in America, there is always an election going on somewhere… And God love you crazy bastards for it.)

The Message, Not the Messenger

The first point that Bill brings up is crucial, and it explains a very great many of the reasons why conservatives- real conservatives, not cuckservatives and Churchians- keep losing so badly in elections. As he puts it, most of the Republicrat Republican Party does not believe its own message.

Think about it. When was the last time that you heard a Republican really delivering the supposed small-government, low-taxes, individual-responsibility message that is, in theory anyway, the platform of the party itself?

Answer: not since Ronald Reagan.

That’s right. It has been more than 30 years since this country last had a true outsider, a conservative who actually believed in, lived by, and upheld actual conservative virtues and values, as a spokesman for those same values.

And even St. Reagan of the Right was far from perfect in this regard. Most American conservatives do not remember, do not know, or simply choose to forget, that as Governor of California, Mr. Reagan signed into law what were at the time the biggest tax increases in the state’s history. He also signed into law- apparently after much hesitation and soul-searching- an abortion bill, which he later claimed to regret deeply.

Those faults are President Reagan’s to own. To his considerable credit, he did own up to them. He was one of the only conservatives in living memory to campaign on a platform that he actually believed in.

When Mr. Reagan gave that magnificent speech of his, “A Time for Choosing“, he was in his early fifties, and had spent nearly thirty years making a slow metamorphosis from a “Roosevelt liberal” who believed in Social Security and the welfare state, into a rock-ribbed conservative capable of articulating those values. He had spent that time honing his message, refining his public speaking skills, and coming up with a set of ideas and policies that resonated with the American public in a way that no Presidential candidate has since been able to manage.

And the reason why he seemed to simply make sense is because, deep down, he really believed in the ideas that he was marketing. Never mind that, while he was in office, he actually failed to live up to his own rhetoric; almost every President, ever, has failed in this regard. Never mind that, during his time, the national debt exploded and, despite a badly needed military rearmament and modernisation programme, altogether too much money went to useless projects like the B-1 bomber.

Never mind all of that. The point is, Reagan believed in his own message, with every fibre of his being. And that, ultimately, is why he won.

Remember that when Reagan ran for President, he was already independently wealthy, had worked in politics for many years, and was perfectly content in the early 1970s to simply work the land at his ranch and enjoy his retirement. He campaigned in 1976 because of his anger at the ineptitude of the Ford Administration. He didn’t need to run, but he did it anyway.

His message made sense in a way that the last few standard-bearers of the Republican Party simply have not been able to match. Compare his upbeat, straightforward, unapologetic patriotism and belief in free enterprise with the constant uncomfortable dodging and ducking that both John McCain and Mitt Romney went through when asked point-blank about their considerable wealth. The latter two “conservatives” couldn’t defend the values that they supposedly represented, and that is ultimately why they lost- because they were totally unconvincing as spokesmen for their party.

Modern cuckservatives claim to represent bedrock values of Flag, faith, family, and fiscal rectitude. But the moment they are subjected to the slightest bit of criticism, they react the way any victim of severe and repeated abuse does: they back down and apologise for their temerity in speaking out against the conventional wisdom.

This will not stand. Enough backing down. Enough of appeasement. Enough of “moderation”. Enough of refusing to use our enemies’ tactics against them because we fear that it makes us “like them”. Our means may need to be similar, but our ends are utterly different.

It is time for war- and not with words, either.

And war cannot be fought by craven cowards who refuse to stand up for what they know in their hearts is right. It is well past time to cast them aside.

Our enemies- and that is what they are, enemies– have brought us war for the last fifty years. They have attacked and successfully infiltrated and then subverted our most cherished institutions- up to and including the Holy Mother Church. The Constitution means less to them than two-ply toilet paper. This country’s magnificent traditions of liberty and individual rights, of self-governance, restraint, discipline, and upstanding Christian morality, are now considered disposable and useless. In their place, government handouts, executive fiat, and endless, pointless wars on imaginary enemies are waged while our real enemies operate freely, out in the open.

This war is here, now, today. The “moderates”, the cuckservatives, are far more prone to attacking us, their supposed allies, than they are to taking the fight to the true enemy. In such a war, they are unreliable at best, traitorous at worst. They cannot and should not be trusted.

There is no point fighting such a war through the electoral process- that is irretrievably broken. Given the rampant voter fraud that we know occurred during the 2012 election, there is no integrity whatsoever in that system. It cannot be trusted; progressives and SJWs have ensured that they have a hammerlock on it now. And they got there by waging, and winning, a 40-year-long war on the culture.

Which brings us to the next important theme…

Pop-Culture Prophets

The second key point that Mr. Whittle brings up is that the next great conservative candidate will not come from the political classes. He- and it will be a man- will come from the popular culture.

Mr. Whittle predicted this in 2012. Back then, we still didn’t know the full extent of Barack Obama’s incompetence, mendacity, pettiness, narcissism, or epic stupidity. We didn’t know just how far he would push his authority beyond its lawful bounds under the fig-leaf of Constitutional cover for his executive orders. We didn’t know how useless he would be at using the world’s most powerful- and yet, largely strategically ossified- military in fighting Islam, the true enemy of the entire civilised world. We didn’t know how utterly incompetent he would be at securing America’s borders. And we sure as hell didn’t know the lengths he would go to in order to strip Americans of their God-given rights.

We know now. I am sure I don’t have to tell most Americans just how astonishingly painful that experience was.

We also know, now, that the old electoral calculus will not hold.

I distinctly remember how, six months ago, it was a foregone conclusion that Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio would be the next Republican nominee for President. I could not imagine a more depressing prospect than yet another woolly-headed, mealy-mouthed “compassionate conservative” running for office- and failing miserably, and then going down to an “honourable defeat”.

I have seen enough of that nonsense to last two lifetimes.

Yet here we are, just a little over a year to go to the next election, and the “establishment” candidates are sucking wind. Meanwhile, the candidates that are romping ahead in the polls are from the popular culture- not Washington insiders, but actual people with actual accomplishments behind them.

Do not mistake my words. I do not believe that Donald Trump is any kind of conservative. I have no idea what he truly believes. I think he talks a brilliant game- he’s a superb marketer, after all. But would he make a good President, given that he is on the record as going against everything he supposedly believes in today? No.

It says a very great deal about how far America has fallen that a reality TV star and a “tycoon” who has actually filed for business bankruptcy several times, is now considered the best possible candidate for a conservative nomination.

I have little patience for Ben Carson; maybe it’s because I’m not white myself, and maybe it’s because I have a certain degree of perspective on slavery and racism that most white Americans don’t (since they’ve been clubbed over the head with the narrative that they are all KKK members-in-waiting since grade school just because they are white), but I simply do not see the point of a black Republican candidate running for President, just to prove that Republicans really aren’t racist. If Republicans had the slightest shred of sense, they would simply point out that Martin Luther King was a Republican, that blacks had voted solidly Republican between about 1870 and 1930, and that blacks were once probably the most culturally conservative and most religious people in America during that time. Instead of attempting to “understand” the degenerate state of modern black culture, they might actually succeed if they stopped attempting to apologise for being Republicans and started believing in their own message.

Instead of attempting to apologise to black people for sins both real and perceived- mostly the latter, really- real conservatives need to forcefully articulate that there is a real race war going on right now. And it is a war in which blacks are, unquestionably, the aggressors. It is a war that they will lose, if the white majority finally loses patience and begins dealing with the problem properly.

Ben Carson is not the man to articulate any of this.

And as for Carly Fiorina… well, let’s just say that a failed CEO of one of the world’s biggest tech companies was promoted well above her level of incompetence; putting her in the White House would be the finest demonstration of the dangers of the Peter Principle since Barack Odumbass.

Yet such is the sorry state in which this nation finds itself. The candidates most likely to be elected by conservatives- real conservatives, of which there are more than a few still left- do not come from establishment politics. They come from the culture. And the establishment has no idea how to react- because they cannot understand the seething fury that their own incompetence, recklessness, and stupidity have brought on.

The K-selected Backlash

The last point to remember is that civilisations always go through cycles. I described this phenomenon a while back and pointed out that America is well into Stage 5 of the cycle. The collapse of America as a sovereign political entity is by this time virtually guaranteed; the loss of its once proud traditions of individual liberty and personal responsibility will go with it. And I very much fear that we will not see its like again in my lifetime.

When you consider that I’m only in my early thirties, and can expect to live a good long while yet, that is a scary thought indeed.

Yet there is hope, nonetheless. The reason we have fallen this far is because we are victims of the great successes of previous generations. Our forefathers worked and built and sacrificed to create a better future for themselves and their children. It was their hard work and vision that created the most prosperous and powerful civilisation the world has ever seen. It cannot be stressed hard enough that one small, damp, grey, rocky, miserable island in the North Atlantic, with grumpy people and lousy weather and terrible food, created an empire so vast, so powerful, and so influential that, at its height the Sun never truly set upon it. And it must be remembered that the greatest of that empire’s offspring took over its parent’s role in a transition of power so seamless and so straightforward that future historians will look upon the hegemony of the Anglosphere as essentially one five-hundred-year epoch.

All civilisations wither and die eventually. Virtually all of them are hollowed out from within before being conquered from without. It is the process of that hollowing-out that makes it possible for future generations to develop a resistance, however temporary, to the stupidity and moral recklessness that created the conditions of the fall in the first place.

And that is what our cuckservative and SJW adversaries keep forgetting. They think that their relentless pursuit of power will save them. They think that, by attempting to force the world to conform to their ideas, rather than working within the immutable laws of nature and of nature’s God, they can remake Man into an abstract, perfect creature. That their wanton and repeated failures in this endeavour have resulted in literal mountains of corpses means nothing to them.

All of this simply ensures that, when the fall comes, the backlash against them will be swift and terrible.

And make no mistake, that backlash is coming. I can already see it forming.

Spend any time away from the Sodoms and Gomorrahs that are the big cities of the East and West Coasts, and drive into the countryside. See the real America- the one that still believes in the values that founded it, that wants simply to be left the hell alone to live as it pleases. I saw that America during a weekend trip out to rural Vermont a few months ago, and it restored my flagging faith in this country’s people.

Those are the people who will be needed to rebuild from the ashes of what was lost. And they will have precisely zero patience for people with degrees in “social work” and “gender studies” who have no practical skills whatsoever, and who have done nothing in their lives worth a damn, and who know nothing other than how to mooch off others.

It comes down, ultimately, to a question of ants against grasshoppers, for those of you familiar with the old fable. The difference is that in this country, the ants have lots of guns, and plenty of ammo to go with them.

So figure out what you would rather be- an ant, or a grasshopper. And choose well now, because when the tide washes over the ruins of this country that I love, this land of riches and wonders that was once the light and hope of the free world, it will be too late.

I would remind you that extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice… and let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

— Barry Goldwater, speech to the Republican National Convention, 1964

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