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Staking the vampire

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… well, maybe not THAT one

If you subscribe to cable or satellite TV, you have unquestionably found yourself wondering why the hell you’re paying $80 a month (or whatever it happens to be) for 150 channels’ worth of pure garbage. Evidently, the same thought crossed the minds of some of the folks over at Breitbart:

Are you tired of the left-wing sludge Hollywood, CNN, and MSNBC pour into your country, your lives, and your homes? 

Do you want to do your bit for God and country to cripple Hollywood and completely destroy CNN and MSNBC? 

Well, I have good news. You can do it with one simple phone call and in just 3 easy steps… 

  1. Pick up the phone.
  2. Call your cable or satellite company.
  3. Cancel your pay television service. 

Yes, it is that simple. 

And more importantly, that simple act is incredibly effective. 

Although somewhere close to 100 million homes are allowing themselves to be bilked by Hollywood, CNN and MSNBC through obnoxiously-priced cable television packages, when it was discovered that fewer than 1% of those customers cut the cord and cancelled their pay TV packages last quarter… 

Hollywood lost $60 BILLION. 

You read that correctly: Sixty. Billion. With. A. “B.” 

Hollywood, CNN and MSNBC are already wobbled. 

We now need to go in for the knockout. 

The average pay TV customer (or sucker, me included, but only for work purposes) watches 17 channels and pays for 194 channels. 

But you are not just paying for the service. Left-wing networks like CNN and MSNBC, networks devoted to destroying everything you hold dear, actually make money off of you. They get a piece of your cable bill through what is known as a carriage fee. 

If CNN and/or MSNBC are on your cable package, you are subsidizing them whether or not you watch. 

Trying to kill CNN and MSNBC by not watching CNN and MSNBC has been tried. Because of the swindle that is pay TV, viewership numbers mean almost nothing. Most of CNN’s revenue, and we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars annually, comes from YOU through your cable bill, not through merit-based advertising revenue. 

The only way to kill CNN and MSNBC is to cut off that supply of money. Therefore, the only way to kill CNN and MSNBC is to cancel your cable or satellite, to join the world of cord-cutters. 

Don’t worry about Fox News. Like just a dozen or so of those 194 cable networks. Fox News actually has enough viewers to survive on ad revenue.

He is completely correct. The beauty and virtue of the free market is that it gives us, as consumers and end-users, the ultimate power to decide whether something is worth our hard-earned cash or not.

And the fact is that the Left, for all that it hates us and everything we represent, needs our money.

As I have written in the past, the simplest way to destroy the stranglehold the Left has on our culture, on the information that feeds our opinions, and on the media that entertains us, is to deny them our money. Without it, they cannot survive- and we can spend it on those things that give us true pleasure without the enervating, soul-destroying effects of the Left’s cultural Marxist poison.

What John Nolte suggests above is precisely what I did a bit over 3 years ago. Prior to that, I had been paying first for cable TV, and then for fibre-optic TV. And what did I get out of it?

Basically… nothing.

Nothing that I couldn’t have gotten through a combination of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime subscriptions- but at vastly greater expense.

The only news channel I watched after a few years was Fox News- and even that got to be a bit too stupid for me after a while.

The only reason to watch BBC America was for- you guessed it- TOP GEAR. Which they edited and sprinkled with ad breaks anyway, instead of airing it completely intact and ad-free, the way they do on BBC Two in the UK. (Limey bastards…)

The only good drama show worth watching? Castle, and that because of Nathan Fillion.

The only good sitcom worth watching? An outstanding show called Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis.

The rest of my money was going toward paying for shows that I could not stand, did not watch, and had no interest in. It was going toward the salaries of people at CNN and MSNBC with whom I violently disagree, just so that they could pretend to be intellectually superior to the rest of us and continue to ram their cultural Marxism down the throats of our people.

So eventually, I stopped. I realised that I was being a colossal idiot, and simply cut off my cable subscription. I opted instead for a pure internet package.

I have never looked back since.

When you combine Netflix, Xbox Video, and Hulu, what more do you need for entertainment? With Netflix, you can find any number of fascinating, informative, thought-provoking things to watch that will leave you better informed than when you started- just two weeks back, I finished watching an outstanding German documentary called The Green Prince, about the young Arab son of a prominent leader of Hamas who became a double agent for the Israeli Shin Bet.

And now we know that the boys from Top Gear are going to have their own show for Amazon Prime. For $99 a year, you can watch as much TV, as many movies, and as many episodes of the new Top Gear as you want. That’s one-twelfth the price of most cable packages.

Best of all, CNN, MSNBC, Comedy Central, and the various other peddlers of so-called “entertainment” will see their revenues, and therefore their profits, fall dramatically the moment you decide to do this.

Now, just so we’re clear, I am not arguing that getting your trashy silly entertainment from another source is going to save the culture. It’s not. The vast majority of the movies and shows you’ll find on Netflix and Hulu and Prime are garbage. There is no denying that.

But at least now, you have the power to choose what you want to watch, without anyone else trying to bundle in a bunch of crap that you don’t want to pay for.

If you are serious about destroying the Left’s hold on your children, your people, and your culture, start by hitting them right where it hurts- their wallets.

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  1. Morris

    Yep, got rid of my Foxtel (Aussie cable) a couple of years ago. Have not regretted it for a second. Indeed, I don't watch any free-to-air TV anymore.

  2. speakeasyx

    Glad to see people catching up. Did this seven years ago.



    Cut my TV off when Obama was first elected. Haven’t had TV since.


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