“We are Forerunners. Guardians of all that exists. The roots of the Galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms… And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.”


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Call me Didact. He who teaches, yet is himself merely a student.

Another year has passed, and after
too many of mental resistance I’ve finally decided to have a go at
blogging. I’m not doing this because I believe my thoughts are all gems-
they’re not- but because it’s becoming readily apparent that my embrace
of a “different” approach to the world has left me with many questions
and many ideas. Some of those ideas are worthy of public discussion.
Others are not, and will remain securely private.

readers who stumble across this place, it’s what you might call a
“Manosphere” blog. I will be posting about many things- topics will
include libertarianism, video games, weight lifting, economics, books,
movies, abstract nonsense, and the Red Pill. To that end, I welcome
commentary and dialogue on the various subjects that I post here. I do
not welcome trolls or spammers, and will deal with both severely. This
blog is not meant to be an exercise in solipsism; if it becomes one, it
has failed in its primary purpose.

A little bit about me is in order, I suppose: I’m male (obviously), I’m what you might call a paleolibertarian,
I’ve lived and travelled in many countries (mostly in Asia and Europe),
and I used to be an atheist. I’m driven by logic, facts, and ideas. I
have no patience for stupidity. I spell things correctly, which is to say, I speak the Queen’s English- even though I am not a subject of Her Majesty’s Government. And I am a deep introvert.

might ask what the point of this blog is. There are several. First,
it’s a place for me to organise and document my thoughts. I have found
that it is extremely difficult to find a good outlet for challenging
intellectual inquiry in “real life”; this is unfortunate, because my
views on many things are unorthodox enough to generate furious
discussion, but few of my family and friends are actually willing to
engage in that kind of cut-and-thrust discussion. The few times I’ve
tried it, the arguments have always been cut off by people’s refusal to
listen to logic and reason. Based on what I’ve seen on teh interwebz,
that won’t happen here. Second, this blog will serve as my testament as I
work towards achieving several critical goals- more on that later.
Third, it may well become an alternate source of income, if I do things
right, and I’m all for making money off ideas.

One final thought. To quote Frost:

Few things are more intimidating than a white screen, daring you to
write something worthwhile on it. Introspection tells us that we are
all brilliant and unique, while the reality is that most of us are not.
Writing, and not being read, is the fastest way to be cured of our
delusions of grandeur.

 He wasn’t wrong. He and I are about the same age, but he started on the Red Pill a lot earlier than I did (he’s written a damn fine book
on the subject, highly recommended to any man under 30). Like many men
who have taken, or are in the process of taking, the Red Pill, I’m
looking to build the best possible version of myself- strong, powerful,
attractive, independent, and above all, free. Ultimately, the point of this blog is to catalogue my journey to
become the best possible man that I can be. There will be triumphs,
there will be failures, there will be days when I wonder what the point
of all of this is. That’s life.

Welcome, then, to the Didact’s Reach.

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